The Supreme Orthotic Laboratory

Accuracy, Quality and Innovative Design are our Hallmark for a Unique Concept in Prescription Orthotics



3mm, 4mm

Where maximum strength and control is needed.


3mm, 4.8mm

An extremely versatile plastic with excellent strength and a good formed memory shape. Used in 3mm where a more flexible orthotic is required and in 4.8mm for more shell rigidity.


13mm (High or low density)

An accommodative lightweight and more flexible heat moulded orthotic shell material.

5mm (and polyethylene liner)

To add more firm control a thin polyethylene liner is used.


SOL Co.'s experienced biomechanical evaluators and orthotic manufacturing staff give thorough, professional consideration to each patient's requirements, prescription information and casts to produce the best custom built orthotics.

SOL Co. guarantees all materials and workmanship for six months under normal wear and tear.


SOL Co. will dispatch within 14 days of receiving a fully completed prescription form and negative casts. We can store or return positive casts.

Express construction within a 24 hour turnaround, is available on request.

SOL Co. also offers a quick return repair service.


All casts and orthotics submitted for repair or modification should be accompanied by the appropriately filled out SOL Co. prescription form (replacement forms supplied on request).

All accounts payable by the 20th of the month following date of invoice.