The Supreme Orthotic Laboratory

Accuracy, Quality and Innovative Design are our Hallmark for a Unique Concept in Prescription Orthotics


USES: For diminished foo/leg joint motion where accommodative control is required.

Flexibility, lightness and shock absorbency make this an ideal functional orthotic for the sports person or the elderly alike.

Available in 1. E.V.A or 2. E.V.A and POLY LINER for more control.


To look and feel as new!


USES: As with our Econothotic range, Multithotics have the ability to regain their exact moulded position under extreme stress whilst using lighter more sophisticated materials.

Multithotics are prescribed where more rigid control is required. This is made possible by the extremely tough properties provided by either blue or flesh coloured OLEN RB 400, an orthotic material unique to SOL Co.

More versatile for multi use as a sports orthotic or maximum control orthotic for street shoes.


This Orthotic is for the fashion conscious male or female, providing functional control of about half the normal size.

Using 4.8mm POLYPROPYLENE for stability, the shells entire lateral aspect and central heel seat are machined away to provide a more narrow and shallow orthotic device for a better fit in fashion shoes.


USES: with POLY-PROPYLENE in its 3mm form the ability to withstand extreme stresses make this orthotic suitable for use, where a more flexible but controlling shell is required.

Available as a 4.8mm shell for maximum rigidity where more functional control is indicated.

Prescribed for use in sports as well as everyday use.


Prescribed where shoe space is at a minimum but where a microthotic is not required. Instrinsically balanced in the rearfoot either;

  • 1. Instrinsic in the cast where the plantar heel of the positive cast is ground to provide a flat balancing platform beneath the heel.

  • 2. Instrinsic in the shell where contour of the plantar heel of the positive cast is retained and the shell is ground to provide a flat balancing platform. Available in all SOL Co. materials.